Hello, I’m Ellie. When I was 8 my parents decided to pack up our family into a 1980’s Ford (sans air con), take me out of school for three months and travel around the east side of Australia. This was repeated 3 years later to cover the western half of my pretty great country and needless to say this is where my travel addiction started (and cemented my opinion that all cars need to have a halfway line right down the middle, you cannot imagine how many times my brothers stuff ventures onto ‘my side’ of the car on those 8 hour driving days). These days I venture abroad solo, and somehow through sheer lack of planning, zero geography knowledge (I thought for one month I was going to Africa when I signed up for a Cambodia trip at age 18…) and a optimistic eye for the world I’ve seen some pretty great things, met even greater people and haven’t got into any (serious) trouble yet.


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