Jurassic Park Dreams Come True: Hampi, India

I’ve never been one much for dinosaurs to the point that when I was a kid I thought they were a myth in the same way as fairies, although that’s not to say that I didn’t wish I could have gone to Jurassic Park as those lucky kids in the film. Well, here was my answer, here was my prehistoric park.

Hampi is this urban myth that everyone in India hears of but no one knows anything about, and outside of India it’s completely unknown. When I first caught wind of this place it was mentioned as ‘completely prehistoric, as if dinosaurs should still exist there’, which after visiting this majestic landscape rings completely true. Looking across the vast plains it’s as if the God’s had once played marbles here before getting bored, with boulders stacked upon each other rising as mountains from the completely flat landscape. The sky seems bigger, the sunsets grander, and the roads longer in this place where it’s far too easy to forget the rest of the world.

You spend your days carelessly on motorbikes sans helmets and shoes and simply go; from one amazing view to the next.

It’s easy to spend time here, as each day you discover new temples, you beat the pounding heat adventuring to the huge local lake to swim, explore the lush rice fields, or perfect you skills bouldering for those inclined, and your nights are spent atop some mountain to watch the sun go down and the sky light up pink and red to the sound of drums and bells.

Accommodation here is bliss, and I can only recommend to stay on the ‘other side’ of the river, which will only make sense when you arrive here. With charming private villas for around $10 a night (again don’t expect TV and particularly warm showers but do expect a swinging bed on your patio which is the perfect spot to lie and read) you are guaranteed a blissful sleep. The village itself is quite small, with the main and only street (on the other side) lined with guesthouses and restaurants and the food here is amazing, every restaurant also plays (good) films each night in their open air setup which makes meeting new people very easy.

I can’t say anymore about this place, I can only say go there, as it has to be seen to believed, and don’t worry, there’s no dinosaurs-they don’t exist anymore.8   579 10 4 3 2 1


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  1. Fantastico. I very much enjoyed the bit about the marbles, keep it going!


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