Paris: Love/Hate

It’s no secret that Paris charmed me like nothing else upon my first visit here. Those buildings, those grand monuments, those accents (those boys). Returning here I had high expectations of my beloved Paris. There’s no doubting that this is a city of magic but sans those rose tinted glasses of first love, Paris, dare I say is quite gritty.

The streets are dirty and the greenery seems hollow, the French are largely not overly friendly as are the tourists alike. In the past week I’ve been pushed around constantly by the swaying crowds trying to get that perfect shot (we seem to live in a world where people are focused on photographing everything rather than actually seeing things, which is a great shame).

Needless to say, my love affair with Paris took a hit, but like all true loves, it did recover.

There is an undeniable magic about this city, and once all the tourist attractions are ticked off you get the time to simply enjoy the city. It’s a great city to be lazy in, with countless green areas to spent the afternoon people watching in the sun, cobblestone alleyways, my favorites around the Opera area, holding a great mix of different, beautifully curated stores. And boulangeries. Yes, it possible to chow down a baguette a day, far to easily (when accompanied by a creamy wheel of blue cheese), that and pain au raisin for breakfast. Enough said.

There are countless galleries and museums, each one completely different, personally the musee de la mode (museum of fashion) was particular special, currently showing the archival works of Jeanne Lanvin, curated (perfectly) by Alber Elbaz. Fondation Louis Vuitton is a recent wonder added to the Parisian gallery and architectural scene and is pure magic, the building is like nothing else, and every platform you view it from completely changes, it’s also the best of the best if modern art is what you’re into.

The only thing I advise is to never drink a coffee here, you’ll thank me it, it’s rubbish. DSC_0414 copy6 5 3


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  1. Sorry Grace was pushing buttons! Was meant to be…
    Great read Ellie, I look forward to more entries so I can follow your travels, stay safe xx


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